Did you shop till you dropped?

Did you get all the good deals?

Did the kiddos behave??

If they didn’t it’s probably because of the family, fun, and food overload!

We know just how to get all that energy out!

Each year on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Hills Gymnastics hosts a “Kids Day In”

This gives them a chance to burn off that Holiday Energy in a safe and AWESOME place.

Don’t just send them over to Grandma and Grandpa’s while you go hunting for deals! You can entrust their fun and safety to our caring, trained staff that know how to get a young child in the fun-having spirit!

We open our entire gym (minus the uneven bars and vault equipment) for kids to run, jump, laugh, and play.

Afraid you missed your chance? Well, you did for this particular holiday. But not to worry! We have plenty of days throughout the year where we do this exact same thing.

We open our gym, fill it with kids and staff, and have a good ole’ fashion play day!

Be sure to ask our staff and keep your eyes on our page for the next one!