Competitive Gymnastics

Our Competitive Gymnastics teams have shown the Pacific Northwest what the sport is all about for years! We've invested heavily in a team atmosphere with top coaches. Among them is Li Lu, who's a former Olympian! And Bob Young, whose influence and trophies we stopped keeping track of years ago!


Simply put, if you want your child's life to significantly improve in the areas of athleticism, strenght, mental toughness, and a powerful sense of team, then BHG is where you need to bring them!

Coach Li Lu

Li Lu

Girls Team Director

Li just joined our team in June of 2017. She comes to us with a whopping 18 years of dedicated gymnastic coaching. Currently, she serves as the director of our girl's competitive team. One of her main goals is to make BHG the top gym in the region! A key part of this, according to Li is laying down a stable foundation, both physically and mentally. She’s a former Olympian, so she knows what training is needed and how to deliver it to our athletes have the best chances for growth.

“Whenever issues come, I take care of them right away. I always talk to the gymnast talk to them about it, find out what they’re thinking and feeling, and make adjustments accordingly. After a lifetime in the sport, I’m intuitive and have the knowledge to take care of the issue.”


jr jo girls pic

Girls Jr. J.O.

The Jr. Junior Olympic Program is where our younger girls get a grasp of the important core skills of gymnastics while building strength and coordination.

jo girls team

Girls J.O. Team

Self-motivated, dedicated athletes who serve as great role models in the gym. Teamwork, respect, and resilience come to mind. They are all outstanding students and citizens in our community.

xcel girls team

Xcel Girls Team

XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. This provides younger gymnasts opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.

Bob Young

Boys Team Director

Bob’s been coaching at Black Hills Gymnastics for close to 20 years! During this time he’s brought much knowledge and guidance to our boy's competitive team and girls competitive team programs.

“Gymnasts learn crucial skills like falling and getting up, coordination, perseverance, commitment, strength, flexibility, etc.” With the groups Bob coaches, he evaluates what each individual athlete is capable of and works to get that out of them. Helping them reach their capabilities is one of the main goals of his coaching.


Boys Jr. Elite

The Boys Junior Elite program gives our young men the opportunity to be involved and grow as individuals. We provide the perfect outlet for physical activity and guidance for emotional and mental performance that our young men of today need! We build winners and gentleman who value hard work, perseverance, and gratitude.


Boys Team

We have the most space of any boys program in the state with the newest up to date equipment to aid each of them in their learning progressions.  We are extremely proud of what our facility, managers and overall team of staff has done to contribute to the unprecedented success of this men's program that dominates in performance year after year.