BHG Athletes and Coaches Blossom at SpringFest!

Black Hills Gymnastics Springfest 2019


As the calendar jumps forward into a new season, so did dozens of gymnasts at our SpringFest Competition!


We always look forward to hosting this annual event as it gives us an opportunity to see how athletes are blossoming this time of year.


Two of our Level 2 Coaches let us know how they felt about SpringFest.


Question: Coach Catherine and Coach Katie, what do you look for in the athletes while they’re competing at SpringFest?


Catherine: Going into this competition, we’re really focused on presentation. This is a skill an athlete gets better and better at as we go through the year, and SpringFest is a good indicator of how far they’ve come. We’re looking to make sure the routines are clear all the way through and they’re delivering small, precise improvements we’ve been coaching them on all season.


Katie: Definitely, it’s all about progress, not perfection for this meet!


Question: How have your athletes improved since the last meet?


Katie: One of our girls got the Judges Award for Presentation! They’ve improved leaps and bounds over the season, and it’s reflected in this meet.


Question: Is there anything you’d like to say to your athletes and/or their parents?


Both: We’re very proud, you’ve been working so hard and are turning into amazing young ladies. We can’t wait to see your progress years from now.


Coach and BHG Owner Alisa Muller was very excited when looking at the big picture.


It’s as though the hard, daily work that’s been put in over the last couple of years has compounded and is starting to pay off. All our athletes and teams are on the right track. There’s a vast improvement from where athletes AND coaches in how they prepare and perform!  We’ve all been making small adjustments as the skills are being perfected and it’s showing up in the routines.


Another truly inspiring thing she noticed was the overall feel of the BHG Squad. “It’s awesome to see our staff being on the move from the fundamentals of educating to truly learning and developing as a staff to best serve the needs of any athlete at any level. It’s apparent we’ve spent many hours getting our own training, practice, and situational awareness perfected so we can coach better. After a couple of years of laying that groundwork we know how to plan, commit, and follow through to developå the next generation of amazing gymnasts here in the South Sound.


With our 24th Annual SpringFest in the books, we’re looking ahead to some big things! Stay up to date with everything by checking the announcements on our Facebook Page!


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