Mimi Hayward Coach’s Profile

Mimi Hayward 


We love Coach Mimi! She offers amazing instruction and guidance to our Boys Teams. Let’s see a bit of what got her to this point. 


How did you get involved with the sport of Gymnastics?


Well, I never did gymnastics growing up! I got into it because my son, Benjamin participated. When he was growing up, we were stationed in Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. It’s often called Fort “Lost in the Woods” for its seclusion. Because of that, there wasn’t a lot to do, so we just put Benjamin into everything we could!  


His little brother wanted to do something too, but he was only 18 months old at the time.  One of the only things available for him was the “Parent and Me” classes at the gymnastics center. 


Ben would always get invited to join by the instructor, who really saw something in him. Fast forward a few years and a change of scenery, we’re here at BHG. 


Since I have both my Personal Trainer and Youth Fitness Certifications, I wanted to see if I could get involved. BHG has taught me so much!  I started as a Rec Team member, and within a year I became the Instructional Boy’s Director. I got pulled to the team side, coaching Level 4 boys team. This year, I am coaching Levels 4,5, and 6! As an extra bonus, last fall I got my Regional Judgement Certification. I love the personal and professional growth opportunities the gym has to offer!  


Why do you enjoy being a coach?


I read something once that shed light on this. I read that having a positive memory of exercise as a kid can lead adults to live even more active and healthy lifestyles. I want to make sure kids have positive memories of athletics for life. 


What are the most important rules for coaching?


Different kids learn differently, kids progress at different rates, and it can be different from one event to the next. 


Also, we spend a lot of time with these kids, at points, maybe even more than their parents! We need to remember the role we’re playing and what we’re showing them. It’s a great responsibility.  We can be very influential!


What do you love about BHG and gymnastics most?


I love the positives that roll over into the lives of the gymnasts!  Our athletes at BHG have learned to manage their time so they can also pour their energy and talents into schoolwork, hobbies, and other activities.  Some of our gymnasts move onto other sports and can apply the strength and coordination they developed in gymnastics, increasing their success in other sports.  I love seeing the strong friendships that develop as the gymnasts work through tough practices, rigorous meet seasons and conquer challenging skills.


I absolutely LOVE all of the learning opportunities BHG provides for me!  I always want to know more and be better. I’ve been able to attend many spotting clinics and other educational clinics through BHG to help better me as a coach.  They have a growth mindset environment in every dept, no matter how big or how small. They truly are a place that teaches life skills through the sport of gymnastics. 

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