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Celebrating Gymnastics and what it brings

Teaching Life Skills Through the Sport of Gymnastics    It’s more than a clever motto. At Black Hills Gym we sincerely believe we’re not just building athletes; we’re building better people.  National Gymnastics Day is celebrated across the country to highlight all the best that can come from gymnastics. Each gym can celebrate however they […]

You’ve gotta start right to finish right!

What is BHG University about?    BHG University is a time that our whole recreational staff gets together at the beginning of the fall season. It’s a great time get to know each other better, do some team building, and set the tone for the year! We had a bunch of new coaches join us this […]

More on Megan Fugitt!

Can you tell us how you got started into the realm of gymnastics?   I did gymnastics at Black Hills gymnastics, Alisa was my coach, and I competed up through Level Seven with her.   What kind of things do you think gymnastics prepared you for? It definitely taught me how to manage my time. […]

A look back at our Community Carnival!

National Gymnastics Day is an awesome way for all of us to get together and remember what makes the sport so great! At Black Hills Gym, we decided to celebrate with a free carnival. There were a ton of fun events that anyone in our community could come and enjoy!

Our dunk tank was obviously a favorite! Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to plunge their coach in a tank of water??

To satisfy attendees with a sweet tooth, we had a Cake Walk where we gave away some cute and colorful clown cupcakes!



There was also corn hole, bounce house, face painting, balloon animals, and a play center with our foam pieces.


We want to give a huge thanks to our staff and those who came to celebrate this wonderful sport with us. National Gymnastics Day would not have been the same without you!

Tom Koll – Straight from the Source

When learning anything new, isn’t it best to get it straight from the source? We think so!    That’s why we recently brought in Tom Koll. Tom wears many impressive hats: he’s the National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman, Women’s Program Committee Chairman, and former Women’s Program Representative on the Board of Directors for USA gymnastics. […]

Back to Basics with Rose and Mary Kibala

Black Hills Gymnastics believes to be the best, you have to be well-rounded. Because of that, we bring a lot of talent and knowledge to our girls and boys team clinics. This gives our athletes outside instruction from some of the best in the sport both regionally and nationally! Two of those people are Rose […]

Mimi Hayward Coach’s Profile

Mimi Hayward    We love Coach Mimi! She offers amazing instruction and guidance to our Boys Teams. Let’s see a bit of what got her to this point.    How did you get involved with the sport of Gymnastics?   Well, I never did gymnastics growing up! I got into it because my son, Benjamin […]