Celebrating Gymnastics and what it brings

Teaching Life Skills Through the Sport of Gymnastics 


It’s more than a clever motto. At Black Hills Gym we sincerely believe we’re not just building athletes; we’re building better people. 

National Gymnastics Day is celebrated across the country to highlight all the best that can come from gymnastics. Each gym can celebrate however they choose, so we went with a free community carnival! This allowed us to share our gym with our athletes and others from the Thurston County area. It’s our hope that they too see how gymnastics can impact their lives and join us! 

With all of this, we got a chance to reflect just how fortunate we are to share our passion. We’ve seen hundreds of young men and women learn perseverance, determination, and grace with our guidance over the last 23 years. We’ve prepared these young adults for all the things that life will throw at them, and they’ve handled it all extremely well. The mixture of individual and team aspects of gymnastics shows an athlete’s personal responsibility and the value of being a good teammate. 

Whether a gymnast wants to become a coach, employee, entrepreneur, or just about anything else, he or she can do so and do it successfully! When a person understands grit, self-confidence, and ingenuity, he or she is primed for winning in all walks of life.

Having an understanding that you need to be coachable is also something we teach at Black Hills Gymnastics. We’re here reverse the trend of disrespect you see in today’s youth. So many are lacking direction and compassion, so we want to be a beacon for the opposite. Raising contributing members of society is a huge responsibility that we step up to each and every day.

So in honor of National Gymnastics Day, we’d like to thank the parents who allow us to play such an impactful role in their children’s lives. We’d like to thank our athletes for always giving their all. Lastly, we’d like to thank all of our previous coaches and staff for maintaining a tradition of excellence over these many years!

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