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What is BHG University about? 


BHG University is a time that our whole recreational staff gets together at the beginning of the fall season. It’s a great time get to know each other better, do some team building, and set the tone for the year! We had a bunch of new coaches join us this past year, so this was one of the first times that everyone’s actually been together. It’s wonderful to get everyone comfortable with each other and on the same page. 

We have Coach Li training our team staff on a weekly basis and we want to pass down that Olympic level training and down into the rec staff and teach them how to do these skills better. We trained on beam and vaults, teaching and training our staff the new way of doing things. This included deep learning and some more simplified drills. It’s super fun and everyone truly soaks it all in! The coolest thing you can see after building a team is seeing them become more involved and self-sufficient! Giving our coaches the techniques to make practice impactful AND fun is a unique challenge and one we seem to get better at year after year.

 How we do things now is so different than the old way of teaching it. We were able to really give the staff some good ideas, so our athletes look forward to and stay attentive through their entire practice.  

With all things at BHG, we sincerely believe in leading our groups to gain the skills and abilities they need to bring out the best in your child. BHG University was one more step towards the greatness coming out of our gym! 


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