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Can you tell us how you got started into the realm of gymnastics?


I did gymnastics at Black Hills gymnastics, Alisa was my coach, and I competed up through Level Seven with her.


What kind of things do you think gymnastics prepared you for?

It definitely taught me how to manage my time. I had to go 20 hours a week to gymnastics, plus school, and everything else. It was definitely time-consuming, so I learned how to do that pretty well. And then also just learning how to have a good work ethic. It’s a sport you had to try really, really hard at and gymnastics didn’t come naturally to me, so I had to WORK at it. 


What was your favorite event to compete in?

I liked the beam the best. I did competitive dance for a long time, so it took my background of that. I liked the challenge of having to stay on the beam!


Is that your favorite event to coach or do you have a different one?


The beam is my favorite between them. And bars is also my other favorite even though I hated bars when I was competing! 


As a coach what are a couple of your favorite moments? 

Last year at state was my favorite. I loved seeing all the hard work that the girls put into everything. And it finally came full circle and they definitely completed all the goals that they had for the season. They went above and beyond my expectations of how they would do! 

I also really like it when girls get their kips on bars. It’s one of the hardest things and it’s such an exciting thing for everybody and everybody around them knows that it was their first kip! It’s so cool because it’s how they get on to the bar, so they’ll use it their entire career.


What levels do you coach at Black Hills?

I coach Xcel; bronze silver and gold and I also coach JO Level 3.


If somebody was looking at Black Hills what would you say to them?

I would definitely say that they’re going to be in a super positive atmosphere. They’re going to be learning all sorts of life skills, no matter where they want to go into gymnastics. It’s great for even little kids, it teaches them discipline and it teaches them body awareness for any sport they want to go into. And then once they get to team, it teaches awesome life skills!

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